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With this book, you will have a factory reset. Will you continue down dangerous paths and ignore your innate gifts, or will you come to your senses and live the life you deserve?

A Glance at the First Six Chapters

What follows is a true account of my experiences as I remember them. May your senses never be the same again. -Ronald D. Eastman II

Chapter 1

Play Dates with Predators

Ronald describes a childhood in Pasadena, California without parental supervision, leaving the door open to predators on four different occasions. Their crimes go unpunished. As a result, his elementary school years are filled with fantasy and mischief.

Chapter 2

Serial Misconduct and the Turning Point

Ronald’s teenage years are characterized by experimentation with girls, behavioral problems that nearly send him to jail and cheating in high school. A teacher detects Ronald’s keen intelligence and establishes the idea that he can save the world.

Chapter 3

Finding My Fighter

Ronald joins the US Army and learns about discipline, decision-making and integrity, empowering him to pursue further specialized training and succeed in every class. Shortly after, three men attack Ronald; he fights off the perpetrators for the first time in his life.

Chapter 4

Learning the Language of Humanity

Ronald’s unit faces dozens of Iraqi soldiers, who surrender against the unit’s humane treatment of them. The scene is a rare glimpse into hours of a combat zone that could have easily turned into mass slaughter had compassion and empathy not been exercised by the group collective.

Chapter 5

Saved by Hostages

Ronald discusses the conditions ripe for post-traumatic stress disorder and the differences between the intellectual brain and the reptilian brain as they relate to our limited emotional palette for death and destruction. Ronald pushes his body and mind to the limit, developing his senses.

Chapter 6

Slaying Dragons in Hollywood

Ronald joins a private security firm. He describes diverse experiences with paparazzi and fans suffering from mental illnesses.

The Author

Ronald wrote the book, Return to Your Senses, to help others find their purpose by relying on inherent gifts and abilities—far greater assets than the technological devices they may possess.

Ronald D. Eastman II is the owner and CEO of Eastman Protective Agency. His role as the guardian of an elite executive protection company that also provides investigative services to its clients, is the culmination of a childhood vision, years of specialized training, and experience in both executive protection and lifestyle management.

When he turned eighteen, Ronald joined the United States Army in order to protect our nation. He served in the Army from 1988 to 2001, serving in combat and becoming highly decorated. While in the Army, he developed the skills needed to master the protection of life.

After 12-years of Military Service

In 2001, Ronald joined a preeminent executive protection firm where he served as regional manager and senior field agent for nine years while it doubled in size.

Ronald emerged from these experiences with the necessary expertise and vision to return to executive protection and start his own company, Eastman Protective Agency, headquartered in the Atlanta area with satellite offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville.

Ron Sig

"The wrinkles of death and destruction and killing each other are adding up. We are not bred for this orgy of violence."

-Ronald D. Eastman II

What The Readers Have to Say

This book is inspiring people all around the world. Here is some of the feedback we have received from our readers!

I have waiting eagerly to hear what this marvelous human being has to say. That such a gentle voice has risen to the top of an incredibly chaotic and challenging life filled with horror and pain is remarkable. His experience in the military and as a protector of the highly visible has make him acutely aware of how well-equipped we can be by using our sensory systems. That he has found a way to share a pathway to being fully present and serene, is a gift. TAKE THE GIFT!
Mary Beidler Gearen
1st Amazon Review
If you feel stuck in life and would like to be inspired, read this book! Ron has a Unique perspective and worldly experience that many can benefit from reading his story. He touches on many bases from love to surviving the world as we know it. The minute I started reading it, I couldn't put it down till I finished! Buy it!
Panos Wilson
This book was enjoyable, thought-provoking, interesting, and exciting. Experiencing the author's lowest lows compared to his highest highs makes the reader feel connected. Taking the concept of high-profile, celebrity protective work and showing the side that most people don't see--planning, logistics, military precision--gives the reader an appreciation for that line of work.
Enthusiastic Book Reader

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We all have a passion for connection, but for many of us it has been a hard-fought climb through high and wild places of distrust, isolation, loneliness, and shattered security. Return to Your Senses will show you how to use your senses to replace that pain and be loved unconditionally.

Time is on your side

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